We assist private and public organizations in designing and implementing culturally oriented projects. We furthermore assist in obtaining financing and sponsorships when needed.

We also introduce and implement our own cultural projects.

Our Strengths and Capabilities

  • meticulous design and efficient completion of projects
  • wide knowledge base and experience of national and international sources of financial and other viable support
  • widely established contacts in corporate and other private sponsorship sources
  • production resources available from Barents to Balticum


Cultural Paths project 2019 – 2022

  • co-operation development between northern cultural operators in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Iceland
  • project design, start-up, and management



Hannu Raudaskoski
M.Sc. (Tech), Cultural Producer

+358 40 761 7145

JaaCon Oy • Upseeritie 18 B • FI-53900 Lappeenranta • Finland